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10 types of push-ups for all fitness levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced
Monday, August 16, 2021

10 types of push-ups for all fitness levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced

Push-ups have been known as exercises that are easy, abstaining or sometimes impossible, but once you learn the types and ways to implement them according to what suits your body, you will discover their benefits for strengthening and balancing the muscles of the body. Some of them are suitable for beginners and sports professionals as well. We will mention them here, starting from the beginner level and working out way up to the advanced level:


Before you start doing push-ups, here are some tips that you should consider to keep your body safe and get a good result from the exercises..


Tips before starting push-ups:

  • Use a yoga mat instead of a hard floor
  • Use a chair, wooden box or exercise ball for support
  • Put a towel under your knees
  • Keep your hands aligned with your shoulders and your fingers forward to avoid wrist pain
  • Look toward the floor to avoid neck pain
  • Keep your back in a straight position
  • Start the exercises gradually, from beginner to intermediate to advanced

Beginner Level

Number of repetitions: from 5 – 20 gradually

  • The Wall Push-Up

It is an excellent option for beginners or those with a weak upper body. Start by standing close to the wall and pushing your hands off the wall from a distance. You can also move your feet away from the wall to double the result.

  • Inclined Push-Up

Instead of a wall and the standing position in the wall push-up exercise, here you'll move to a higher level using a chair or box. Stand diagonally on your toes with your hands resting on a chair, then begin to rise and fall with your body while contracting your muscles and keeping your back straight.

  • Knee Push-Ups

It is very suitable for beginners and can be performed in the same position as a regular push-up, but with the support of the lower body on the knees instead of the toes.


Intermediate Level

Number of repetitions: from 21 – 40 gradually

  • Side-To-Side Push-Up

In this exercise you can use your feet or knees. Rest your hands on the ground at a level slightly beyond your shoulders, then move to the right side and go down, rise and then move to the left side.

  • Up & Down Push-Up

In this exercise, you will rely on your forearms. Take the position of the normal push-up, then lower your body by placing your forearms on the ground and leaning on them as if you are in the plank position. Make sure that your elbows are level with your shoulders, then rise again on your palms, and so forth.

  • Commander Push-Up

Start in a normal push-up position, go down and then when rising bend your right knee at the right elbow, and the next time bend your left knee at your left elbow, and so on.


Advanced Level

Number of repetitions: from 41 – 60 gradually

  • Pike Push-Ups

Raise your body in a triangle so that your back is straight and curved downward in line with your head. Keep the lower part of your body high with your legs outstretched, and put your body weight on your palms and toes.

  • The One-Arm Push-Up

It starts from a normal push-up position. Then you have to put one hand behind your back or to your side and complete the exercise as it is. Then switch hands to complete the set.

  • The Wide Push-Up

Start in a normal push-up position, but with more space between your hands and away from the shoulders. This will help focus the effort of the exercise on the chest and strengthen the back muscles.