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ABOUT Bodytone

In Bodytone we offer you everything you need to take advantage of your potential in each workout. In our catalog, you will find a large number of gym machines and fitness equipment for you to enjoy each pedal, stride, or flexion. We try to meet the needs of each athlete in their daily training routine, as well as give them a plus of motivation. Whether it’s to equip your own gym at home or for a sports facility, Bodytone products are designed to make the most of your sessions. In Bodytone we pay special attention to the design of the material and we offer you exclusive personalization. You will be able to choose the color of some elements of our gym machines so that they combine perfectly with the character of your sports center. Whether you’re doing cardio exercises, getting in shape through your bodybuilding routine, or enjoying a good session of any directed activity, equip yourself with Bodytone. We incorporate quality materials and the latest innovations in our products so you can empower your lifestyle!