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ZIVA is a global fitness brand rooted in the ancient Taoist philosophy of energy and balance. Standout, inspirational design coupled with high quality precision manufacturing has been at the heart of ZIVA success for a long time now. And now, we are powering these products with digital media solutions to bring our philosophy direct to your home. Innovation is a driving force at ZIVA. We harness ideas, to power change and constantly develop new products, new technologies and solutions to enhance every single athletes training experience. At ZIVA, our mission has always been to create market leading functional products designed to inspire and drive pride. Our functional products are designed to provide everyone, from professional athletes to home enthusiasts, with a transformational platform to achieve their fitness and health goals. Every day, in over 80 countries around the world, ZIVA is proud and honored to have thousands of people train with ZIVA functional equipment, whether this is in their home, studios or gym. We are inspired by the results of positive transformation in every single person that exercises with a product crafted with passion and love by ZIVA. ZIVA is proud to be part of this collective effort towards self-improvement and healthier lives.

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