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About FA’A

FA’A is a one stop e-commerce shop for health & fitness that helps you improve your lifestyle using reliable international brands. The brands in our platform were chosen carefully based on very high standards. We are proud to be the only e-commerce platform that focuses on health and fitness which enables us to provide our client with the best service.

FA’A enables the Saudi market to equip their home gym based on their goals, whether they are related to weight loss, toning or body building. FA’A believes that a healthy lifestyle is not about location which is why we can provide you with a lifetime gym membership in the comfort of your home.

Our Vision

To be the industry’s leading health & fitness one stop shop in the Kingdom, fueled by authentic brands that inspire great solutions for our consumers.

Our Mission

Providing high-end innovative solutions that empower the health, fitness, and productivity of the population of Saudi Arabia and help achieve vision 2030 goals to increase the active population to 40% and decrease the percentage of diabetes in Saudi Arabia.