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How to choose the right cardio machine for you
Thursday, August 26, 2021

How to choose the right cardio machine for you

After you decided to start exercising regularly, you prepared your tools and chose the cardio exercises you needed. However, I'm still confused; which device do I choose, and how do I choose it?! You don't want to buy a device and then leave it unused after a month, or maybe your home gym isn't big enough. Don’t worry, we have prepared simple questions for you that will help you determine which device is right for you.

1- What is your goal in doing cardio exercises?

Cardio exercises have many health benefits - as we mentioned on our Twitter account faa_sporta - but before you start exercising, you must determine your fitness goal. If your goal is to burn fat, then focus on walking, jogging and cycling exercises. If your goal is to build muscle, then the best mechanism is to combine resistance training with cardio, as it increases blood flow to all the muscles in your body.

2- What are the types of cardio equipment and their most prominent features?


  • Home Treadmill

The treadmill device is almost the most prevalent among cardio equipment. It is excellent for enhancing your health and fitness in general, and helps you achieve your goal of burning fat or even building muscle. It enables you to control the intensity of the exercise by increasing the speed and raising the incline level.

  • Elliptical Device

The elliptical has the flexibility to adjust its settings to suit your movement and intensity of exercise and will help you achieve your goal of losing weight or building muscle.

  • Rowing Machine

Exercising with a rowing machine works on a group of muscles in the body, which means it raises your heart rate and improves oxygen delivery to your body. The (SCHWINN ROWER) measures time, distance, and calories, which enables you to easily track your sports performance. It also offers 10 levels of resistance to help you reach your goal.

  • Upright Bike

If you do low-impact cardio exercises, then the upright bike is for you, which is better than riding an actual bike because of its comfort, safety and flexibility in controlling the intensity of your workout.

3- Do you have enough space at home?


If you have a dedicated area for a gym in your home, this question is not important, but what if your home is small?

Try to choose cardio equipment that has a foldable feature - such as home treadmills and stationary bikes - so that you have space when you are not using them. There are devices designed with a flexible design that fits small spaces.

4- Is manufacturer quality guaranteed?

The sports equipment market is full of brands competing to add new features and solutions to their devices, and because cardio equipment is used extensively, it is necessary to choose a brand with high quality and long experience in the market. Examples of such brands are Octane, Schwinn, Bodytone and Nautilus with over 25 years of experience providing innovative solutions that promote health and fitness.

5- What is your budget for purchasing a cardio device?


After you have reviewed all the previous questions, you know the right device and have multiple options from manufacturers, you should then check your budget before purchasing the device. You do not have to sacrifice quality if your budget is limited as there are a number of other options that we have provided for you in FA’A Sports Store that suit your budget. Whether your budget is high, medium, or limited, we guarantee you the same level of quality and efficiency, but with different other features such as levels of resistance and weight bearing.